Third Session – Customer and Market

Day 3: 4th October

Session: Customer Development, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Pricing, Adoption

Session CEO: Kiran
Co-CEO: Pavan Thota and Ana Gonzalez

“Make a customer, not a Sale”  and that said how do you make that customer?

Starting up is not easy, its not impossible but, starting up is a continuous process, perhaps that will never end. There can be a new startup within a startup, it could be a new marketing team or a new customer focus team or even a new CEO. Once you startup, you are always starting up something new every now and then.
As an Entrepreneur, an idea and passion, or the right mindset, money, skill and attitude are not enough to starting up. It is not enough in a competitive world, in a growing market and to sustain your own growth.

How do you startup, how can one identify the target customer segment, analyze competition, Collaborate while you use the external factors to your advantage? How will you build your product with what features and why now? – these are some very tough questions which linger in every one who has or wants to startup.

Coming to our rescue -  was SLP with an important session on Day 3.

Kiran, Pavan and Ana with the help of SLP Alumnis Subhash and Niranjan had laid out an action packed agenda. It included a work-shop, eye-opening presentations and a very interesting session of Guest speakers. Sitakanta Ray who is the Co-founder of and Raj Janagam Co-founder UnLtd Hyderabad were chosen to fill our minds with spirited insights.

Kiran first set the agenda

PIc 1


Ana took over the second session.

pic 2

Teams were divided into groups. And the groups had a task assigned from which emerged the clarity. It is this clarity afterall that decides the success and failure of everything that anyone wants to do anywhere in the world

pic 5pic 4pic 3

Some key takeaways from the session apart from all that we learnt, realized and grasped out of those brilliant and priceless sessions, here are a few top of mind bits

  • Know where you tread on. Acquaint yourselves with all your strengths and weaknesses.
  • If you do a good job of identifying customer needs, price it right, market and promote them effectively – that product becomes valuable and thus will sell it right.
  • Simple rule – always give people more than what they expect to get
  • A customer need not be the one who uses your end product. Everyone in your organization is a key stake holder.

The CEOs and C0CEOs monitored the work shops closely and added their bit of advise. The sessions were combined with presentation, roleplay, workshop, video and expert talk. And at the end of the day it was as though a mirror was shown to all the startups in Hyd SLP. While all were intrigued, Kiran had this tired look:

pic 6

While all of us had a blast at the end of another perfect day. We realized we all have grown as a team, as a family, as a SLP family. Here is us, smiling and saying to all the readers that we had a wonderful session to which we are extremely grateful.

pic 7

Photo Courtesy – Subhash & Ana


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